Finding Success to Snapchat

we must talk Snapchat. you understand, The app every marketer loves to speak about but few actually use. The one that has pulled a few levers on the hype machine with good results and is mentioned in almost every marketing/advertising article these days.

operating the hype, I think there is acceptable reason to be excited. While its limited reporting functions and overall ability to provide meaningful measurement makes it tough for marketers, let’s be honest it’s fun and effective.

Whether Snapchat turns out to be a passing fad or not, Their critical tenets of “evaporating” articles and “anecdotes” Has shaken up the POV of the marketing world and marketers should take notice. (Instagram conducted!)

At our office, Situation involved, I’ve been keeping a close eye on campaigns that my team has been producing with our clients to capture the attention of consumers through Snapchat.

a terrific example of a brand leveraging this platform in a creative way is Bravo’s recent campaign, The Jersey larger ladies Nation campaign, Which promoted the highly anticipated Season 7 premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ). They while doing so released over seventy unique Snapchat geofilters all over the nation. Bravo branded and timed the discharge of the filters to hit specific, Popular July 4 weekend destinations a fair distance landmarks, typical monuments, Fireworks presentations, snowboarding stadiums, thus. Each filter was released for a limited period, Which was driven by location, action, And price tag. a purchase in this super customized creative paid off with millions of organic impressions and fantastic press.

The campaign worked because it inserted one of the countries top television brands into the communities that love the brand most. based on Adam Zeller, VP of Social news media for Bravo and Oxygen at NBCUniversal, “The summer holiday weekend provided us with the perfect opportunity to celebrate with our RHONJ fans while generating awareness for the show. Knowing our brand is a part of their social verbal exchanges is priceless for us,

When asked how the longer term of Snapchat will play out with the brand, Zeller supplied, “Ultimately our fans will be the ones that make that decision as we go where our fans are. Bravo and RHONJ fans are being among the most digitally savvy, So we see this as only the start of many more social explorations on Snapchat,

however, for brands, “Firsts” On Snapchat can mean various things. review NHL hockey team, The nj Devils. A major moment for any doctor sports team is the jersey number announcement for a new player. just this month, Rather than take to the original outlets to announce new player Taylor Hall’s jersey number, The team took to Snapchat which no other sports team has done. To help tease the statement, They gave fans a heads up across their social channels that Hall’s number would be revealed especially on Snapchat inside the Prudential Center (The Devils’ non commercial) and also that by tuning in, You’d have the chance to win the first jersey signed by Hall. Once the story went live on Snapchat, It was released across all of the regular channels a low risk, High reward option for a brand able ease into a new platform.

“Our New Jersey Devils fans are among the most passionate and engaged digital and social media consumers you will find in sports, to be able to Daniel Cherry, Chief marketing and Innovation Officer of the New Jersey Devils. “They absolutely love Jersey’s team and now we love them,

“With such in place fans, It is our work to provide Devils fans with quality, different content whenever and wherever they are, went ahead and added Cherry. “Snapchat provides the Club with yet another fun and engaging channel to Spread the Red,

When asked how the long term of Snapchat will play out with the brand, Cherry even more, “While Snapchat will probably be the media channel du jour, We are in no way beholden to a platform or method of activation. We are solely focused entirely on meeting our fans wherever they are in more compelling and engaging ways that make them smile, cheer, And now become Devils Members for life,